Dance it!

Documentary series, 26 episodes, 26 min, 4K

Life is a dance, and dance is a whole life. To see how the country lives, it is not enough to look only at its political system, climatic conditions or religious orientation, you shoud look deeper. National dance is a reflection of folks’ soul.

Argentine tango, Ukrainian hopak, Egyptian tanoura, Hawaiian hula, Italian Tarantella, Caucasian lezginka, Spanish flamenco, Arabic belly dance – all these dances passed through centuries and absorbed all the flavor and customs of every nation. Melodious, passionate or funny they are part of the celebrations or rituals, they inspire, create the mood. They are unique, but each is interesting in its own way.

We will learn which place the dance takes in everyday life of people, when, where and with whom they dance. Besides, each dance has a special meaning and purpose that we will certainly find out.

How, where and how long people usually learn to dance, what are the peculiarities and what difficulties may arise – these questions the program will review exploring two important levels of dance: professional and amateur.

We will tell the dance history and dancers’ life stories through the prism of their occupation. We will disclose passion, inner feelings and drama of heroes. It is interesting to compare the importance of dance in the lives of those who receive awards in professional competitions, and those who simply enjoy it in private.

Maybe dance means not just rhythmic movements to music, but much more, doesn’t it? This mystery we will unravel in the program “Dance It”. Shall we dance?