Education is not vacation

Documentary series, 12 episodes, 52 min, 4K

Youth is the best time for study and travel. Some people don’t want to choose only one of these areas, but instead combine them well and enter into foreign universities.

Young people go abroad to study for various reasons: the chance to get a better education than their homeland can offer, desire to go away from family and become independent, finally simply have fun in another country and join foreign culture.

Just imagine a Mexican in Asia, Asian in Scandinavia, Norwegian in Australia, Australian in Africa, African in Russia, and Russian in Canada. These people dared not just to move from their native city, but changed the country, or even the continent of residence.

How the preparation for entry goes, where to find money for education and accommodation, how to make a contact with the locals, how to learn a foreign language, how to get used to the customs and national characteristics, how educational process in major universities from around the world goes? We will be told by people who know that not by hearsay, but from their personal experience – real students who study away from home.

We will eat, walk, attend lectures, go to work with our heroes, imaginary will go with them all the way from the house to the point of life where they are now.

We will become acquainted with their feelings, conflicts, lack of time and money, but also with joys, feelings, successes and positive experience of studying abroad.

You can see this and other interesting points in the program «Education is not Vacation!».