Secrets of European Parliaments

Documentary series, 12 episodes, 52 min, 4K

Stories of parliament ghosts, secret corridors, votes won be mysterious means and parliament tomcats: European Parliaments hide facetious, funny and scary tales behind their walls, beyond political daily life. There are rituals not known in the public, anecdotes and preferences the parliament’s servants fulfill. Countries’ democratic traditions old from the “inside”, from the political heart of every nation.

Example England:parliaments-2
Who outside England’s parliament’s walls know that the building is infested with mice since decades? And this although living animals are absolutely forbidden there! In 2010 parliament’s tomcat Paul was degraded because she only catched one mouse a year.

Time to portrait the new parliament’s cat and his boss, a parliament’s employee, at work … And to look after Paul: what is he doing today? Why does Lord Chancellor sit on a sack? And why does not even a single document exist which can be called “British constitution”?

Such and other parliament’s secrets we want carry outward. We portray and accompany people working behind the curtains, people who care for effective operation of parliamentary democracy. Spiced with worm and personal stories, anecdotes, legends, historical peculiarities and entertaining disclosures.

Variety all around the least common denominators democracy and parliamentary – told entertainingly, funnily and humorously, by no means dry educational tv, but tv evoking interest, making curious: democracy – is the best of all governments, because it is the most humane.