The Lifehack

Documentary series, 26 episodes, 26 min, 4K Lifehack is a treasure trove of all kinds of useful tricks that will help to solve common household problems in original manner. There are many things that can be used in different ways. Those who know at least three purposes for one object, probably live in interestingly arranged […]

The Holidays

Documentary series, 26 episodes, 26 min, 4K The Holidays is a project that tells the audience about the biggest celebrations in the world. Holidays, festivals, carnivals are part of our customs and traditions, as they remind us of special events and help to preserve and remember them. Holidays are important because they bring people together, […]

Dance it!

Documentary series, 26 episodes, 26 min, 4K Life is a dance, and dance is a whole life. To see how the country lives, it is not enough to look only at its political system, climatic conditions or religious orientation, you shoud look deeper. National dance is a reflection of folks’ soul. Argentine tango, Ukrainian hopak, […]