The Holidays

Documentary series, 26 episodes, 26 min, 4K

The Holidays is a project that tells the audience about the biggest celebrations in the world. Holidays, festivals, carnivals are part of our customs and traditions, as they remind us of special events and help to preserve and remember them. Holidays are important because they bring people together, give them great moments and distract from everyday life.

People in all countries like great celebrations, but there are some states that make it in a special intrinsic way. Huge sums of money are allocated, preparations take months, and as a result the world gets events of incredible scale and quality.

We were at the carnival in Rio, in the Tomatina in Buñol, Oktoberfest in Munich and many other exciting festivities. Each of them has its own special atmosphere, ethnic flavor and, of course, people.

What is the history of the biggest events in the world, how they are organized, why such actions attract a huge number of people from different corners of the world, is it beneficial to the city, where the holiday takes place? Answers to these and other questions the viewer
will get in our program The Holidays.


  1. Carnival in Rio
  2. La Tomatina
  3. Oktoberfest
  4. Holi
  5. Venice Carnival
  6. Spring Festival in China
  7. Snow and Ice Festival in Harbin
  8. Burning Man
  9. Diwali
  10. Lantern Floating Festival in Hawaii
  11. Flower Festival in Thailand
  12. Floating lanterns festival Thailand
  13. Sapporo Snow Festival
  14. Chinese New Year
  15. Carnival of Cultures in Berlin
  16. Full Moon Party
  17. St. Patrick’s Festival
  18. Carnival of Barranquilla
  19. Boryeong Mud Festival
  20. San Fermin in Pamplona
  21. Vegetarian Festival in Phuket
  22. Up Helly Aa Festival
  23. Hadaka Matsuri Festival in Okayama
  24. Balloon Festival in Cappadocia
  25. Irish Redhead Convention
  26. Summer Redneck Games