The Lifehack

Documentary series, 26 episodes, 26 min, 4K

Lifehack is a treasure trove of all kinds of useful tricks that will help to solve common household problems in original manner. There are many things that can be used in different ways. Those who know at least three purposes for one object, probably live in interestingly arranged house with a special atmosphere, and have no difficulties with commonplace problems.

Presenters in the studio will test on their own example and teach you how to use ordinary things not for their direct purpose. To stretch new shoes using socks and a hair dryer, to wash a spot from red wine with white one, to cool alcohol with frozen grapes, to get the gum out of
hair using ice cubes, to pack shoes in a shower cap, these and many other unusual advices will slightly or radically improve your life once you will learn about them.

The program will be particularly helpful to women who daily have to worry about the kids, the house, the job and about their own appearance, but there is usually not enough time and effort.

Ideas that will be not just useful in everyday life, but also will make you discover your own creativity and thinking outside the box, you can learn in the program Lifehack.

the-lifehacker-irina-olkhovskaya.pngIrina Olkhovskaya, presenter.

The presenter, Irina Olkhovskaya, is very popular journalist in Ukraine. She has twice ranked in the top 8 best Playmate of the world and twice was on the cover of the most famous men’s magazine Playboy. Great humor of Irina will not leave indifferent any viewer.