The Rogue, The King and The Devil in a Bottle

Number of episodes: 6
Duration: 15 min
Definition: 4K, HD
YOP: 2024
Delivery: Immediately
Language: English
Password for videos: atlantm

This is the story of a young man who lived in the Middle Ages in Spain. He stood out among his fellow villagers for his pure mind and penchant for adventure. His character and behavior are similar to the hero of the Eastern parable about the travels of Khoja Nasreddin.
Our character’s nickname is Picaro. He dreams of travel and a rich life. But he is bored with living the simple life of peasants and ordinary people. A young man is looking for ways to make an easy life and not always in a legal way. But the victims of his adventure are greedy and dishonest people. But our character sympathizes with those in need and never offends the weak. Thus, he finds many friends both among people and among animals.
In history, our character appears in comic stories, but he also has to face need, danger and feel fear. But every adventure enriches him with new experiences and makes him reconsider his previous views on life.