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Like Daniel Meyer says: “At the base level, a burger is a piece of meat and a bun with something on it. It’s simple but it seems to make a lot of people happy.” Why shouldn’t you bring happiness by cooking burgers at home? Let’s make it in the tastiest and easiest way, using our amazing list of burger’s recipes for every taste!



  1. Pumpkin and zucchini burger
  2. Salmon burger
  3. Classic burger
  4. Lamb burger
  5. Chicken burger
  6. Prawns and Cod burger
  7. Tuna burger
  8. Turkey burger
  9. Tuna and ginger burger
  10. Chicken and pasta burger
  11. Salmon and prawns burger
  12. Veggie Burger
  13. Chicken and ham burger
  14. Chicken and beef burger
  15. Beef and Zucchuni burger
  16. Duck burger
  17. Rabbit burger
  18. Sweet tofu burger
  19. Skirt steak burger
  20. Beef and turkey burger with pumpkin
  21. Chicken burger with bell pepper
  22. Salmon and cheese burger
  23. Chicken and daikon burger
  24. Turkey and mushroom burger
  25. Salmon and avocado burger
  26. Lavash and chicken burger
  27. Ciabatta and mozarella burger
  28. Beef and mozarella burger
  29. Dorado burger
  30. Prawns and Chickpea Burger
  31. Salmon and cafish burger
  32. Sweet beff burger
  33. Chicken and sunflower sprouts burger
  34. Beef and pomegranate burger
  35. Lavash Lamb burger 
  36. Lamb burger
  37. Vegan burger
  38. Halibut burger
  39. Spicy beef burger
  40. Turkey and mango burger
  41. Egg and beef burger
  42. Veggie Burger with pea sprouts
  43. Pumpkin burger
  44. Pumpkin and chickpeas burger
  45. Egg and beans burger
  46. Lamb and prune burger
  47. Chicken and pear burger
  48. Lamb and parmesan burger 
  49. Oyster mushroom burger
  50. Lychee and tofu burger
  51. Chicken and jugas burger
  52. Spicy lamb burger with soybean sprouts
  53. Lamb and porcini mushroom burger
  54. Classic lamb burger
  55. Telapia burger
  56. Roquefort burger
  57. Spicy lamb burger with ginger
  58. Turkey and tofu burger
  59. Poached egg burger
  60. Beef, mozarella and orange burger
  61. Eggplant burger
  62. Beans burger
  63. Salmon and sunflower sprouts burger
  64. Pumpkin and rice vegetarian burger
  65. Beet and couscous burger
  66. Oatmeal and beet burger
  67. King oyster mushroom and beans burger
  68. Broccoli and tofu burger
  69. Suluguni and oyster mushroom burger
  70. Beef and cracker burger 
  71. Salmon and mustard burger
  72. Beef and turkey burger with roguefort
  73. Pineapple and turkey burger
  74. Lamb burger with tarragon
  75. Rabbit and radish burger
  76. Duck and soybean sprouts burger
  77. Lamb and orange burger
  78. Beef and cranberries burger
  79. Backed turkey burger
  80. Mushroom and lamb burger