Food UP!

Number of episodes: 100
Duration: 3 min
Definition: 4K, HD
YOP: 2018
Delivery: Immediately
Language: English
Password for videos: atlantm

Thinking about something light and healthy to eat without spending a lot of time for cooking? Simple, but very tasty and incredibly beneficial recipes that you can bring to life for 5-10 minutes, will be demonstrated by our chef in a program FoodUp. Our dishes are exclusively dietary and natural.



  1. Moyashi Salad
  2. Salmon Tartar
  3. Greek Salad with microgreen
  4. Backed Tomato
  5. Ratatouille
  6. Salmon steak
  7. Salmon rolls
  8. Salad with pickled chanterelles
  9. Pumpkin and apple salad
  10. Shrimp and avocado salad
  11. Salat with Beijing cabbage and grape
  12. Seaweed and shrimp salad
  13. Steam chicken roll
  14. Squid with garlic sauce
  15. Salad with rice noodle and chicken
  16. Whitefish with vegetables
  17. Potato barrels
  18. Baked vegetables with egg and cheese
  19. Beef with cucumber
  20. Quail with dried plum
  21. Rice with vegetables and eggs
  22. Grilled steak with chocolate sauce
  23. Baked potatoes with cream sauce
  24. Sweet pepper baked with cheese
  25. Eggplant rolls
  26. Scotch egg
  27. Soup with mussels
  28. Kimchi
  29. Beef steak with mushroom sauce
  30. Cheese puff
  31. Chicken liver with orange
  32. Baked Dorada
  33. Carp in sour cream sauce
  34. Mackerel fillet with cheese
  35. Mussels with seaweed
  36. Chicken fillet with vegetables
  37. Veal with caramelized quince
  38. French bean with oyster mushrooms
  39. Baked vegetables
  40. Turkey shashlik
  41. Salad with cauliflower
  42. Rice noodles with vegetables and microgreen
  43. Cutlets of turkey and zuccini
  44. Warm salad with prawns and salmon
  45. Cheese appetizers
  46. Rockfish with cauliflower
  47. Salad with celery and chili
  48. Rabbit with vegetables
  49. Confit duck leg
  50. Cheese balls
  51. Salad with wood ear mushrooms
  52. Wood ear mushrooms with garlic
  53. Salmon and avocado salad
  54. Green peas cream soup
  55. Vegetable salad with fennel
  56. Chicken fillet with fennel
  57. Pumpkin soup with chicken liver
  58. Chicken salad with iceberg lettuce
  59. Salad with quail egg
  60. Puff with pate
  61. Turkey fillet with cranberry sauce
  62. Curry rice
  63. Tabbouleh salad
  64. Caprese Salad
  65. Salad with canned tuna
  66. Salad with sun-dried tomatoes
  67. Salad with avocado and pear
  68. Salad with grilled vegetables
  69. Mackerel with catfish
  70. Chicken steak with grilled vegetables
  71. Mushroom cream soup
  72. Salad with grilled turkey
  73. Chicken cream soup
  74. Turkey roll
  75. Pumpkin pancakes
  76. Baked potatoes with tomato and cheese
  77. Stuffed chicken leg
  78. Corn soup with tomato
  79. Cheese soup
  80. Vegetable salad with cheese chips
  81. Grilled Eggplant
  82. Cabbage salad with corn
  83. Spinach soup
  84. Stuffed zucchini
  85. Baked beet with mozzarella
  86. Chicken hearts with mushrooms
  87. Fish soup
  88. Feijoa salad
  89. Vegetable saute
  90. Stuffed tomato with cheese
  91. Cream soup of broccoli and cauliflower
  92. Beijing cabbage with peas
  93. Eggplant with mozzarella and tomato sauce
  94. Chicken soup with Rice Noodles
  95. Chicken leg with zucchini and sesame
  96. Salad with grilled pumpkin
  97. Chicken fillet with vegetables and quail eggs
  98. Fried couscous with vegetables and paprika
  99. Korean daikon salad
  100. Rice noodles with catfish fillet