Path of Yoga

Number of episodes: 52
Duration: 13 min
Definition: 4K, HD
YOP: 2017
Delivery: Immediately
Language adaptation: Available
Password for videos: atlantm

Path of Yoga is also available in 26x30min

If you wish to be healthy, graceful and well-balanced, then yoga practice is the right way to such condition.
Yoga is a unique system of exercises aimed at creating harmony between mind and body.

Our program provides exercises for a wide range of people with different fitness skills (e.g. beginners; people who are familiar with yoga but want to expand their knowledge; advanced practitioners). The program also includes breathing exercises which help to relieve stress, relax and reduce blood pressure.
Yoga asanas provide an even distribution of energy (life force), which brings the mind to a state of rest, balance the respiratory, nervous, hormonal, digestive, excretory, and reproductive systems, as well as blood circulation. That, in turn, brings in mental rest and lucidity of mind.
Yoga is the path to health and harmony of mind and body.
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