The strange worlds of captain Yaves

Number of episodes: 6
Duration: 15 min
Definition: 4K, HD
YOP: 2024
Delivery: Immediately
Language: English
Password for videos: atlantm

“The Strange Worlds of Captain Yaves” is the story of a young British man who lived in a poor area of Dublin in the 19th century. The guy worked hard to earn his living. But by chance, the young man learned a way to travel in time and space. With the help of the master key he found, he can travel to different worlds. Each of these realities is different from the other. New worlds can be amazing and very dangerous. Our character needs to constantly get used to new conditions and take on an unfamiliar role. And every reality teaches our hero something new.
These adventures frighten the young man at first, because he is accustomed to a monotonous life, gray skies and hard work. But over time, our hero realizes that he always dreamed of being a free traveler.


  1. Key
  2. Island
  3. Two worlds
  4. Dagon
  5. Illusion
  6. Captains