Do Not Disturb

Number of episodes: 1
Duration: 60 min
Definition: HD
YOP: 2018
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Language: English
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The documentary film about Mennonites is a story of a millennium-old tradition that has survived several cultural revolutions and has been preserved to this day. The film immerses the viewer in the life of this unique religious community and its spiritual culture.
The film tells the story of Mennonites from their origins in Europe to the present day. Viewers will learn about the persecutions that Mennonites faced over the centuries, as well as the traditions that they have preserved from generation to generation.
The film features exclusive interviews with the heads of local Mennonite communities, who share their experiences of living in this unique culture. Viewers will see rituals and ceremonies that are usually kept secret and will have the opportunity to see everything that makes the Mennonite community so special and unique.
This documentary film about Mennonites is a deeply insightful journey into the world of one of the oldest and most traditional religious communities in the world.