Let’s make it Tasty!

Number of episodes: 52
Duration: 13 min
Definition: 4K, HD
YOP: 2016
Delivery: Immediately
Language: English
Password for videos: atlantm

How about discovering the art of cooking with a new international cuisine project – Let’s make it tasty?

In each episode the chief will show how to cook the most popular dishes from all over the world in easy and interesting way, in addition the narrator will explain each step of the process of preparing the meal.

Our chief prefers only natural and eco ingredients, so as a result you will have a healthy and tasty dinner.



  1. Quail
  2. Baked veal with vegetables and quail eggs and Avocado Duet salad
  3. Crepes with salmon and Philadelphia cheese and Caprese (time)
  4. Lulya Kebab with narsharab sauce and Caprese (time)
  5. Sturgeon and Avocado and pear salad
  6. Tuna tartare and French baguette
  7. Grilled eel
  8. Pumpkin hash browns with saffron cream sauce
  9. Veal ribs stewed with prunes and Mixed salad with gorgonzola cheese (time)
  10. Caesar Salad 1 and Bruschetta with cherry tomatoes
  11. Caesar salad 2 and Bruschetta saltimbocca
  12. Meatloaf with salsa
  13. Fondue (classic, meat)
  14. Cauliflower soup and Puff pastry sticks
  15. Stuffed eggplant
  16. Buffalo chicken wings and Buffalo lamb chops with blue cheese sauce
  17. Baked beets
  18. Beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes
  19. Ribollita soup
  20. Risotto with mussels and mushroom balls
  21. Khachapuri 1 and Khachapuri 2
  22. Ravioli carbonara
  23. Spinach ravioli
  24. Tagliatelle with duck bolognese
  25. Fish and shrimp cream soup and Spinach bread
  26. Chicken rolls
  27. Rabbit with potato gnocchi
  28. Potato casserole with puttanesca sauce
  29. Moussaka
  30. Andalusian gazpacho and Tapas
  31. Sea bass with avocado sauce and salmon rolls with Ricotta
  32. Tuna salad and Muffins with feta
  33. Pumpkin ginger soup with tapas
  34. Duck salad and zucchini salad with raspberry sauce and Dumplings in a cheese basket
  35. Baked salmon on a pillow
  36. Minestrone
  37. Spinach crepes with cream sauce and Mushrooms with ricotta and walnuts
  38. Cheese casserole with cherry tomatoes
  39. Trout stuffed with mushrooms
  40. Creamy pea soup and With cheese croutons
  41. Classic ratatouille
  42. Veal medallions with bilberry sauce and Mixed rice side dish
  43. Dorada
  44. Duck breast with apricots
  45. Veal carpaccio trio
  46. Profiteroles and Mushroom cream soup
  47. Turkey fillet in cheese basket
  48. Rack of lamb with narsharab sauce and Lebanese tabbouleh salad
  49. Montenegro Calamari
  50. Cornmeal pie with mushrooms
  51. Hawaiian chicken fillet and Salad from the recipe folder
  52. Pike perch and salmon duet