Little Gourmet

Number of episodes: 100
Duration: 5 min
Definition: 4K,HD
YOP: 2022
Delivery: 2 Months
Textless version: Available
Language: English,Spanish,French
Password for videos: atlantm

Using imagination in food preparation is the best way to surprise children. They will be amazed by how regular dishes could be not only nutritious but fun too! Especially when you have a guide named “Little Gourmet”. 



  1. Steam cutlets with potatoes and celery root mash
  2. Salmon cutlet with rice
  3. Chicken Rice Pilaf
  4. Cheese Stuffed potato pancake
  5. Oatmeal with berries and caramelized pumpkin
  6. Stuffed eggs
  7. Liver cake
  8. Liver Pancakes
  9. Potato Cutlets Stuffed with Liver
  10. Noodle nest
  11. Noodles with sauce and octopus
  12. Tagliatelle with turkey
  13. Farfalle with meatballs
  14. Farfalle with sausages and spinach
  15. Carrot cake
  16. Carrot cutlets
  17. Vitamin salad
  18. Carrot candies
  19. Pumpkin with cottage cheese and berries
  20. Pumpkin muffin with cherry sauce
  21. Baked pumpkin with rice and apple
  22. Sticks with cheese and celery
  23. Baked apple with cottage cheese
  24. Turkey rolls in a spinach sauce
  25. Cheese muffins with zucchini and spinach
  26. Apple charlotte with nuts
  27. Sponge cake with beetroot and pear cream
  28. Meatball Omelets
  29. Cheese sticks
  30. Fish Croquettes
  31. Chicken sticks
  32. Sesame salmon with cheese
  33. Mixed Fruit Pancakes
  34. Chickpea balls stuffed with meat
  35. Vegetable pizza with ham
  36. Clear soup with quenelles
  37. Mini Pizzas for Kids
  38. Fruit pizza
  39. Veal and mushroom salad
  40. Chicken and celery salad
  41. Chicken skewers
  42. Fish skewers
  43. Salad with beets and prunes
  44. Schnitzel
  45. Mice shaped dessert
  46. Fornetti with a rabbit
  47. Cutlet on a stick
  48. Profiteroles with cheese cream
  49. Profiteroles with Custard Cream
  50. Profiteroles with a rabbit
  51. Chicken and beef burger
  52. Fish burger
  53. Hot Dog
  54. Bun with fricassee
  55. Chicken omelet
  56. Steamed balls with cherry and chocolate sauce
  57. Steam dumplings with cottage cheese
  58. Sandwich
  59. Peacock salad
  60. Ponytail pillows
  61. Deep fried apple with honey and orange sauce
  62. Nuggets
  63. Vegetable Egg Bake with Chicken fillet and Cheese
  64. Pouch Crepe
  65. Cottage cheese sticks
  66. Green beans omelette
  67. Squid with sauce
  68. Cottage Cheese Pudding
  69. Baked wings
  70. Liver and apple fritters
  71. Fish in Puff Pastry
  72. Fruit Phyllo Pie
  73. Cottage cheese pancakes in coconut flakes
  74. Cottage cheese casserole
  75. Dumplings with tails
  76. Dumplings with poppy seeds in caramel sauce
  77. Milk and berry jelly
  78. Soy chops with vegetable puree
  79. Potato boats
  80. Cheesy Sweet Potato Soup
  81. Cream Cheese-Filled Pancakes
  82. Rabbit in bread
  83. Soup with fish meatballs
  84. Fish meatballs with vegetable puree
  85. Farfalle with meatballs
  86. Bean soup with veal
  87. Waffle custard cake
  88. Rice with veal and béchamel sauce
  89. Lemon cake
  90. Mango and apple Semolina Cake
  91. Stuffed skewers
  92. Pumpkin Soup Boule
  93. Neptune salad
  94. Fish candy
  95. Turkey and spinach candy
  96. Couscous with avocado
  97. Sweet Corn Salad with Radish
  98. Liver salad
  99. Pai Potatoes
  100. Kid-Friendly Fondue