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Saladeria – we make it almost every day and for all different reasons. It’s healthy and refreshing! Without salads, you’ve got neither a daily nor a festive table. There are the salads that everyone knows – such as “Caesar” “Greek” and “Caprese” – but there are also quite unusual combinations that you could pleasantly surprise your guests with. 100 recipes, wonderful tastes and views – you’ll see all of this in Saladeria!



  1. Salad with mango and avocado
  2. Salad with fish oil and avocado
  3. Salad with mango and Montagnolo cheese
  4. Salad with mozzarella and tomatoes
  5. Salad with mushrooms and chicken
  6. Salad with scallops and fennel in creamy sauce
  7. Salad with mushrooms and orange dressing
  8. Layered mussels salad
  9. Italian salad with pasta
  10. Salad with baked potatoes and eggplant
  11. Salad with tofu and kiwi
  12. Salad with couscous and avocado dressing
  13. Salad with smoked chicken and blue cabbage
  14. Salad with leeks and anchovy sauce
  15. Salad with tomato sauce and mozzarella
  16. Caesar salad with chicken
  17. Salad with duck breast
  18. Salad with original sauce and shrimp
  19. Salad with glass noodles and shrimp
  20. Salad with veal tartare and arugula
  21. Salad with poached egg and vegetables
  22. Salad with walnut paste and vegetables
  23. Salad with salmon and ginger sauce
  24. Carpaccio with salad
  25. Salad with guacamole and orange dressing
  26. Salad with hummus and krill meat
  27. Salad with pastirma and omelette
  28. Salad with guacamole and dried tomatoes
  29. Salad with beans and tomato sauce
  30. Salad with beans and ham
  31. Vegetable salad with daikon
  32. Salad with mussels and grapefruit
  33. Salad with fried oyster, mushrooms and baby corn
  34. Salad with cream cheese and krill meat
  35. Salad with shrimp in tomato sauce
  36. Salad with baked beets and camembert cheese
  37. Salad with grilled eggplant and mozzarella
  38. Salad with veal carpaccio
  39. Salad with pastirma in a cheese basket
  40. Salad with avocado mousse and quail eggs
  41. Salad with scallops and cream cheese
  42. Salad with fried veal and cherry
  43. Vegetable salad with pomegranate dressing
  44. Salad with beaten cucumber
  45. Blanched vegetables salad
  46. Grilled vegetables micro salad with mustard dressing
  47. Salad with chickpeas and grilled vegetables
  48. Salad with grilled artichoke and mozzarella
  49. Salad with feta and chickpeas dressing
  50. Rice curry noodles salad
  51. Salad with beets and spinach sauce
  52. Salad with couscous and Chechil cheese
  53. Salad with pickled mushrooms
  54. Salad with Mozzarella and Beans
  55. Marinated mussels salad
  56. Salad with squid and mussels
  57. Salad with squid and fruits
  58. Tropical salad in pineapple basket
  59. Salad with pineapple sauce and veal
  60. Salad with fried duck breast and kiwi
  61. Salad with mussels in tomato sauce
  62. Salad bouquet
  63. Salad with avocado and spinach
  64. Salad with shrimp and nuts sauce
  65. Potato salad with shrimp
  66. Salad with cocktail shrimp and cucumber-apple dressing
  67. Salad Tabula (Lebanese)
  68. Salad with grapefruit and carrots in balsamic sauce
  69. Salad with chicken and caramelized tomatoes
  70. Viking salad
  71. Salad with three sauces
  72. Salad with baked chicken and salmon
  73. Salad with tomato rolls
  74. Salad with mussels and tiger shrimp
  75. Salad with fruits in yoghurt dressing
  76. Salad with onion marmalade and ham
  77. Salad with mussels and beetroot chips
  78. Salad with warm potatoes and tomato sauce
  79. Salad with yolk and grapes
  80. Salad with baked eggplant in mustard-honey sauce
  81. Salad with shrimp and anchovies
  82. Seafood salad
  83. Salad with cranberry jelly
  84. Salad with shrimp in kiwi sauce
  85. Salad with fried potatoes
  86. Veal soufflé salad
  87. Salad with sea kale and sea bass
  88. Salad with tiger shrimp
  89. Salad with sea scallops in sesame-pumpkin filling
  90. Salad with broccoli cabbage and sea bass
  91. Mixed seafood salad
  92. Salad with marinated curry cabbage and sea bass
  93. Salad with chicken in mustard dressing
  94. Warm salad with poached egg
  95. Salad with pumpkin sauce and pineapple sauce
  96. Vegan salad with beans
  97. Salad with quail eggs and tangerine sauce
  98. Salad with tangerine sauce and fried blue cabbage
  99. Salad with seafood and sea cabbage
  100. Warm salad with yoghurt dressing and vegetables