World Stamps

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Did you know that the collecting of postage stamps has been one of the world’s most popular hobbies since the late nineteenth century and the UK is the only country that does not display its name on its postage stamps? You definitely will be surprised, finding our that in 2013, Belgium issued stamps that smelt and tasted of chocolate.
Find out more incredible facts about the world famous postage stamps in our program World Stamps.



  1. Mauritius “Post Office” stamps
  2. Inverted Jenny
  3. The Benjamin Franklin Z Grill
  4. Most Expensive Postage Stamps
  5. Bull’s Eye and Basel Dove stamps
  6. Bluenose
  7. Ceres series
  8. St. Louis Bears stamp
  9. The Whole Country is Red and The Red Revenues
  10. Postage stamps of Jamaica
  11. Half penny Yellow
  12. British post offices in China
  13. Declaration of Independence
  14. 250 years of historical victory in Poltava
  15. Germany stamps
  16. Queen Astrid Belgium stamps
  17. Yacht issue
  18. George V stamps
  19. “Be a hero!”
  20. Baden 9 Kreuzer error
  21. Canada 2c Large Queen on laid paper
  22. Inverted head 4 Annas
  23. Charles Connell
  24. Penny Black
  25. Treskilling Yellow
  26. New Buildings In Moscow
  27. 1980 Summer Olympics Stamps
  28. Portugal: World’s First Cork Stamp
  29. Levanevsky with overprint
  30. Trinidad stamps
  31. Tom of Finland stamps
  32. Gscheidle stamp
  33. Missing Virgin
  34. Wood and Wood Paper Stamps part 1
  35. Wood and Wood Paper Stamps part 2
  36. Chalon head stamps
  37. Gold Standard issue
  38. Naked Maja
  39. Indian 10 Rupee Mahatma Gandhi
  40. U.S. space exploration history on U.S. stamps
  41. Dag Hammarskjöld invert
  42. Trans-Mississippi Issue
  43. Star Wars Stamps Issue
  44. Hermes – Greek stamps
  45. Atoms For Peace stamp
  46. Pan-American invert
  47. Western Cattle in Storm
  48. John F. Kennedy Stamps
  49. Postal Union Congress £1 stamp
  50. U.S. space exploration history on U.S. stamps 2